Season 2, 010: In this last edition of Season Two, let's share our stories of account-keeping - those times when we need to take a frank look at who we…

December 2022

Season 2, 009: Share a story of a gone loved one - their particular gestures or habits; what those meant to you...

November 2022

Season 2, 008: Scenes from our reading lives: What books (given, lent, lost, found, shared, annotated, more) - or memories of reading/being read to …

October 2022

The Cure for Sleep: Birthday LettersWatch now (4 min) | Season 2, 007: Using our anniversaries as a way to take stock, measure change, pay tribute

September 2022

Season 2, 006: Tell me about a great mentor or teacher in your life - or the one you dream of but have yet to find...

August 2022

Season 2, 005: What do yearn for? Do you see longing as a productive or painful state?

July 2022

Season 2, 004: Celebrating what we do well

June 2022

Season 2, 004: How did they begin - our great friendships? What words or gestures were risked - and rewarded?

May 2022

Season 2, 003: What we see in the mirror - tell me a true story of a time when you saw yourself in a new way, or confronted uncomfortable truths
Ask me...If you want to know something about the craft of writing or building a creative practice then I’m happy for you to ask me those questions here. …

April 2022

Season 2, 002: Share a story of what you have made, mended or broken with yours

March 2022

Season 2, 001: (Re)Claiming our creativity - share a memory of a favourite childhood game.