Season 1, 006: arriving at a right fit in our skin, our circumstances. How it feels to be without that.
Season 1, 011: Coming back from loss, shame or failure
Season 1, 002: holding our loved ones in mind
Season 2, 001: (Re)Claiming our creativity - share a memory of a favourite childhood game.
Season 1, 001. where we learn first about the world & its workings
Season 1, 007: perspectives from a hospice scribe - and a question for readers: When has time taken on strange new dimension for you?
Season 1, 010: Turning towards & away from belief, from belonging
Season 1, 005: the shadow side of bargains. Those moments in life when we pledge ourselves or strike a bargain.
Season 1, 004: in fairytale fashion: those rare moments in life when we are brought to a sudden need to decide on something that will alter the course…
Season 1, 008: the kind we suffer in secret, finding no outlet for it in our waking lives.
Season 1, 009: Our moments of painful awareness - often when we feel it is too late to change or make amends
Season 1, 003: the effortful kind